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About Jayne

Hello, I'm Jayne and I'm a qualified vinyasa flow yoga teacher, specialising in Corporate Wellness. 


I first discovered yoga through my kickboxing club where it was offered as a pre work-out stretch. The first time I laid down on the mat, I realised I could barely breathe I was so stressed! From then on I quickly fell in love with yoga and swapped my boxing gloves for the yoga mat.


Following my yoga teacher training in 2011 with renowned instructor Mercedes Ngoh in rural Devon, England, I began to combine my professional life with yoga and began teaching within corporate companies in London.  


Knowing all too well the physical and emotional manifestations of stress in the workplace, I decided to specialise in helping other busy professionals just like me to improve their overall wellbeing.


As I continue to develop my own practice and knowledge, I love to share my journey with others. My aim is to help create joy, energy, the evolution of minds and bodies, and happier lives!


Hope to see you on the mat soon.




Jayne x