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Improve health and wellbeing at work with Corporate Wellness Programmes

"After yoga I came back upstairs, and had a great idea about how to solve a problem in a graphic. I attribute it entirely to my relaxed state of mind after yoga!"

- Dr Will Stahl-Timmins, PhD, Interactive Data Graphics Designer

Having worked in the corporate environment in London myself for 15 years, I have hands-on experience knowing exactly how it feels to be frazzled, tired and wired! When I qualified as a yoga teacher, I became interested in helping my colleagues in the same position find calm within the often hectic working environment. 


Now using yoga and other tools to break the chain between the end of the working day and home lives, I help busy professionals to be in the best state to be with their families and friends in their home lives, improving their overall wellbeing.


If you're interested in finding out more wellness programmes in your workplace, please do get in touch.

What does a Corporate Wellness programme include?

Example package:


  • Half day workshop - releasing physical and mental tension

  • Video classes for international and home-based staff - enjoy the benefits where-ever you are

  • Online community group - receive support and advice at your fingertips and share with others

  • Success pack including yoga cheat sheets - take-home knowledge

  • Playlists - match to your mood and needs


  • Email newsletters - tips on helping you make healthy decisions during your working day, video interviews with healthcare professionals


  • Social events and experientials - connect with colleagues 


















"A great class, that is so convenient to go to straight after work, where I can relax and put the day into an order - it is very beneficial."

"Jayne is a fantastic teacher and the classes are the right mixture of work out and relaxation. Suitable for beginners and more experienced people as Jayne adapts the moves and gives a range of possibilities for many positions. Just the right mixture of help with technique, encouragement and relaxation. Every class is enjoyable, with bits that are challenging as well as chance to relax and empty your head of all those (stressful) thoughts!"

"Jayne is the perfect mix of encouraging, knowledgeable and has a very soothing voice and calm manner. I very much recommend her classes."

5 key benefits of yoga in the workplace:


1. Reduces sickness absence through managing the effects of stress and improving back health 

2.  Acknowledges companies who take pride in their staff - aiding staff retention and attracting high caliber employees

3. Increases concentration and better decision making 


4. Cultivates team spirit and builds better working relationships

5.  Improves work/life balance – reducing stress can result in happier home lives, which in turn leads to increased productivity