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Bespoke private classes tailored for you

Why choose a private yoga class?


Private tuition is ideal if you are too busy to attend group classes at scheduled times, would like more personal guidance to develop your practice, or are new to yoga and would like to build your confidence before attending a group class.


Benefits of private classes


- Classes tailored specially for you – your body, lifestyle, and goals.


Whether that’s a restorative class to help you destress, a more energetic class to help you improve tone and strength. Also if you are recovering from injury and want a class adapted to your needs

- One to one advice on your practice and technique – with sole attention to ask as many questions as you like

- Yoga to your door. Convenient and a time which suits you

- Deepen your understanding of yoga and build confidence in your physical and and mental abilities.


Read Private Classes FAQs to find out more and view the rates.