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Private classes – Frequently Asked Questions


How much is a Private Yoga class? 
£65 per session for one on one
£85 for a small group class (up to 3 individuals) or with a friend or partner


Block bookings rates
£295 for 5 sessions (£59 per session - saving £30) – one to one class 
£395 for 5 sessions (£79 per session - saving £30) – small groups (up to 3) or partner/friend classes


What hours / days do you teach Private yoga?  
Please get in touch for availability.

How do I book a Private Yoga Class?  
Please make an 
online inquiry


Where do Private Yoga classes take place? 
In the comfort of your own home (in and around Central London

and Essex).

How much space do I need?  
You need only space for two mats – one for you and one 

for the teacher

Where do you teach private yoga classes?
In and around Central London and Essex

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