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10 Year of Yoga with Jayne this Christmas Eve

24th December 2022 marks 10 years of Yoga with Jayne! Hot off the heels of my yoga teacher training, I set up 'Yo Jayne Ltd' on Companies House on Christmas Eve with absolutely no idea what owning a Limited Company involved, but with enough enthusiasm to see me through the next decade (we won't mention that early blip with HMRC which quickly prompted me to find an accountant...). I'd like to say a huge thank you to everyone who has supported me - whether you attended one class or many; from my pop-ups in parks, to regular corporate and studio classes, abroad retreats, one-to-ones or more recent team building and meditation sessions in-person and online. I've loved getting to know you all! The extra time after class where there was a moment for a little chat, seeing shoulders dropped and brows unfurrowed, and hearing the connections being made between those who had never met, were the cherry on top! I'm now taking a pause from teaching regular classes in person once more while I focus on my broader work in the Workplace Wellbeing space and my other endeavors (those who know me well, know I always have my fingers in all the pies!). Wishing you all a truly fabulous festive break and a happy and healthy new year. Namaste Jayne x

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