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Taking the brakes off - an afternoon of feeling the fear and doing it anyway.

After a very inspiring day spent with my coach Ben, I just really wanted to share some of my experiences and learnings with you!

We had a super productive day planning out my vision for "Yoga with Jayne" and beyond, followed by…. Cycling round the London Olympic Velodrome!

Wow - it was SCARY - there were no brakes on the bikes, only 1 gear, and our feet were strapped in - so if you fall, you really fall. The sides of the velodrome are surprisingly very steep when you get up close.

We soon discovered that the slower you go, the more unstable the bike is….so the best option is actually to go faster (argh!).

What did I learn, and how is it relevant to other areas of our lives?

Feeling the fear and doing it anyway - I would have massively missed out on this experience if I hadn’t pushed through my nerves.

Once you get momentum with something that is giving you success - keep going! Success breeds success.

Practice positive self talk - any time my doubts and nerves started creeping in, I got the shakes even more, and the bike began to wobble. Given I’d got round the track the first time without falling off, I began to adjust my inner-chatter and just focused on enjoying the experience.

Focus on your own game - even a slight glance to what anyone else was doing caused me to a) worry b) wobble.c) almost take out the instructor. Whether on the track, in yoga, or in life, keep your focus on your own path.

I’m now watching the Rio Olympics cycling sprints with new found knowledge and absolute awe.

With love (and achy legs)

Jayne x

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