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6 things Yoga with Jayne IS...

1. A safe space to decompress. YES - laying still on the mat for the whole hour in Shavasana IS allowed if that's what your body is asking you for :)

2. Non-judgmental: leave your ego at the door with the umbrellas. You won't need it in class.

3. A place to find yourself in the company of others. Your mat is your space. Bring to it what you what you want to bring to your life. A place to just breath, move and be. It's yours for the hour to treat yourself with You-Time.

4. Where silly things happen; I still try not to laugh when I say bottom and sometimes poses like 'Banana' are made up on the spot. And farts are ALWAYS hilarious. Taking yourself too seriously is not permitted, especially when you are in the shape of a banana.

5. Flexible: So you can take your practice at your own pace, doing what feels right for YOU in that moment

6. Experimental, evolving and curious: Often fusing different styles. Vinyasa Flow is always at it's core, but with a blend of Pilates, Yin and Ashtanga, and the odd bootcamp move to keep things lively! If you like to learn and be surprised, it's the place for you.

See you on the mat.

Jayne x


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