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6 things Yoga with Jayne is NOT...

1. Fashionista: My trusty black leggings are more 50 shades of grey than black, and not in a sexy way.... By all means wear what makes you happy (exceptions are your birthday suit - it's not that type of class), but special yoga clothes are not needed. Just you, a smile and something you can move comfortably in

2. Perfect: I make "mistakes", rights and lefts sometimes elude me, and no-one will judge you if you end up facing the "wrong" way

3. About being super bendy: you will NOT get fast tracked to enlightenment if you can touch your toes in your first class. Nor does it mean you're "good" or "bad" at Yoga. Remove the labels we give ourselves and our abilities

4. A secret spiritual cult: you may hear some nice Buddhist quotes from time to time but you won't be kidnapped to live in a commune

5. About contortions and Instagram worthy poses: though we may experiment with a few pretzels for fun, it's about the journey not the destination

6. Maintaining a yoga vegan raw macrobiotic diet. If that's your thing that's cool, and of course good nutrition is very important. Don't get me wrong, I love a hard green juice as much as the next yogi. However I won't be judging if you if I see you in Burger and Lobster one weekend instead of chomping on a chia seed porridge.

For what Yoga with Jayne IS about see the next blog.

Love and imperfect downward facing dogs

Jayne x


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