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Hoarder no more! How to declutter your space and mind at the same time.

I’ve come to the conclusion that a good declutter is good for the soul.

It’s been a month of spinning ALL the plates and with a bit of illness thrown into the mix, I was getting really annoyed at myself for not being as productive as usual.

So I went back to basics to get my physical and digital environment around me sorted out; knowing that the art of a decluttering has a way of:

- generating fresh energy

- creating mental and physical space

- bringing clarity of mind.

Practicing yoga is like a spring clean of the mind, however I needed more than a downward dog to help me on this occasion (more like a downward dog carrying a Hoover, a big yellow skip, and some Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners).

  • I started with a wardrobe cleanse - purging a ton of boxes from from when I first moved in (5 years ago…) - turning it back into a usable space for my winter clothes (hurrah - those lost roll necks that are back in fashion can now see the light of day! Plus saving me cash on splashing out on new ones and meaning I can start the day without a fight getting a dress out.

  • I then went on a digital de-clutter: unsubscribing from e-newsletters (ahem - you might want to keep this one ;-) ), organising all my digital photos, deleting un-used apps freeing up storage, and getting my worryingly growing inbox down to zero.

  • With my flat looking like the “Hoarder next door”, I’ve been been binning and ebaying like it’s going out of fashion. And I've begun The Deep Clean. Now I can see the carpets again it’s time to get the hoover out. Physically removing dust from our homes can be really beneficial for our immune systems and especially for those with any respiratory issues.

Once I had my space cleared up, it made me feel lighter, calmer, and ready to tackle my to-do list once again - this time with renewed focus.

As the seasons change, Autumn is a great time for these types of “spring” cleans. I absolutely adore Autumn - it’s my favorite time of year with the leaves changing colour and the festivities for Halloween, fireworks, my birthday (woo!), and pre-xmas parties.

With the sun cream packed away, and change in the air, what better time to start letting go of things that are not serving you?

How do you declutter? Do you prefer regular 10 min blitzes or going to town on it? Would love to hear your ideas and tips and invite you share them below!

#declutter #wellness

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