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Building strength through surrender

"Surrender isn't about giving up, it's about letting go"

Sometimes in life there are situations that happen which are out of our control.

Finding the balance between effort and taking action, verses knowing how to surrender calmly when there is nothing you can do is a skill well worth practicing...

...Especially if you've ever had those mornings when it feels like there are a MILLION passenger alarms on the Central Line despite best efforts to leave early for that 9am meeting? (#meeverydamnday). Or when you're struck down by the office cold rendering you sofa-bound and to the mercy of the Loose Women?

While we cannot always change the situation, we can choose what story we tell ourselves about it, and how we choose to react.

Do we fight it - letting anger take over - and making ourselves wound up further in the process? Or do we use gratitude and love to take a positive outlook, making the best of things?

Yoga can teach us how to stick with something that feels uncomfortable. That feels challenging.

That moves us out of the Comfort Zone. And in doing so, it can help build our resilience - both physically and emotionally.

In this week's classes, I themed them on this very topic. We held poses for a little longer than usual, taking the chance to savor and surrender into them. Slowing the breath and relaxing the muscles in the face to "trick" our bodies into releasing tension. Taking time to notice the subtle (or not so subtle!) variations between the difference sides of our bodies.

The key take away was not to to fight the pose - but to accept what it brings:

- Accept how your body physically feels in it

- Accept any emotions as they come and go

- Remove any labels of "I'm good / bad" at this posture

Where do you need to inject some effort - either on or off the mat this week?

And where do you need to stick with something outside of your comfort zone?

And if you need a little help moving out of the comfort zone in your yoga practice - get in touch with me!

Jayne x

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