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Creating a "retreat" - at home or away

This weekend I'm taking time out for a yoga and surfing retreat in Cornwall (yes I know I must be nuts in this weather!) - and I'm excited about what new knowledge I'll learn to bring back to classes.

But I've been thinking about how we can "retreat" at home too. Especially if you're feeling a bit lethargic now that chilly weather has kicked in.

So here are 3 retreat elements you can recreate at home;

#1 Create a cozy environment: Creating a warming, secure space physically also allows us to bring our attention inwards mentally at this time of year and recharge our batteries (especially before the Chrsitmas party season hits!).

At home I have a sacred little spot; a huge squishy chair right by the heating (as I'm ALWAYS cold), where I light candles as soon as I get in the door, and it's surrounded by photo of fun nights out with friends. It's a great spot for taking 5 mins to meditate and reflect. Do you have a space at home you could turn into little spot of calm?

#2 Go off the grid: On a retreat phones are often left off at certain times to allow you to focus on you and removing the constant "noise". Could you commit to a phone free zone before bed time? (I've also switched off email notifications recently which has been amazing).

#3 Move more! Well it wouldn't be a retreat without some form of movement. I love getting some fresh air for an autumnal walk - and just think of the rewarding feeling when you get back home to your cozy space for a well deserved cuppa.

Would love to hear how you're taking time out for you. Comment on this post below or get in touch with me at

Jayne x


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