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How to stay motivated 365 days of the year, not just in January...

A brand new year is here and we’re all busily scribbling our dreams and ambitions for the year, posting them on Facebook, in our diaries and on to-do lists. But how do you keep the motivation going through-out the year – not just in the first few weeks?

It can be a tough challenge when the weather is bleak, there’s left-over cheese and chocolate in the fridge (well eating it is the best way to get rid of it right?.... :-/ and going cold turkey (excuse the pun…) on everything all at once can sometimes be setting ourselves up for failure.

Whether your goals are health, yoga, fitness, relationship, family or career related, I’d love to share with you what I’ve been working last year and invite you to give it a whirl!

#1 Define your values; when our values and what we’re working towards align we're way more likely to feel happy and fulfilled. Once you’ve nailed down your values, make sure you’re goals align. If not it could be time to do a stock check and reflect on what you really want this year.

#2 Share your goals; sharing my goals helps keep me accountable, and you never know whose round the corner to help you with them. Once they’re out there you’re more likely to commit and take action on them (see my 2017 Intention setting post for more deats of mine for the year!)

#3 Start chunking down; group your goals together (i.e. health, career, fun etc) and then break them into weekly tangible actions. Try starting with just one goal of most importance to you and be VERY specific in writing down 3 things you can do THIS WEEK to achieving that goal. If you’re stuck where to start are there 3 conversations you could have with people who have achieved something similar to help guide you on their experiences? Maybe it’s putting some dedicated time in your diary to spend connecting your loved ones?

#4 Celebrate every step along the way; as the yoga saying goes “it’s not about touching your toes but what you learn on the way down” - take time out to reflect and reward yourself when you reach each mini-milestone

#5 Journal your wins and your journey; this was a brand new one to me this year, I’d never really thought of doing it before, but when you get the end of the year it’s amazing to read back how much you will have achieved. Not just ticking off to-do (those that does feel great), but what did you learn and how did you feel?

#6 Find some goal buddies; for me being part of group or network can be both a real boost and a great support when I have set backs or challenges. It could be an online or whatsapp group, fitness friends, or your own mentor or coach.

Yoga goals this 2017? Get in touch if you’d like some help along the way to reach your goals this year.

Good luck on a year of new energy, new beginnings, and new dreams.


Jayne x


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