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My Intention Setting for 2017

#1 Less planning, more doing; bye bye to-do lists, hello Wins lists - (well er, apart from this one...)

#2 Start my Coaching journey; this year I aim to start my coaching qualification so I can help others be the best they can be and fulfill their true potential for happy, successful lives

#3 Sweat more! 2016 was a year for slow and calm movement - swimming, walking, and yoga. In the Feb I took stock and stopped a lot of high intensity exercise (Spin, Body Attack etc) which put my body under extra stress I didn't need at the time as well as detoxing from caffeine while I reset myself. I got my stress levels down from a 10 to a 2, and my yoga biz back on form :) This year my body's feeling ready to add back in a bit of tempo - and do that 10k run I had to pull out of last year. I'd love to get back to outdoor bootcamps that I used to do (and if anyone wants to join me - I'm always up for a fitness friend - motivation comes in pairs!)

#4 Bring lightness and playfulness to every day; even on cloudy days, and enjoy as many experiences and adventures that come my way

#5 Be outside in nature daily; whether waves or trees, and feeling the breeze

#6 Focus my energies on what's important - achieving the above, and making my most important things, the most important. = More monotasking, less multitasking.

Namaste and a happy, healthy 2017!

Jayne x


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