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Running diaries - from a novice with a new years resolution

Muddy trainers

Week 1 and Rule #1 of Run Club.

Don't run when sick.... It seems so obvious when writing it now, but how many of us battle through when we're ill instead of resting? I did a daft thing and started my training on boxing day while having a horrid cough. At first I felt quite smug starting my new year resolution early, whizzing past the mince pie brigade. However it was soon to my detriment. I thought my lunges were going to seize up once I hit the warm air at home and a full bout of flu followed soon after. Lesson well learnt.... don't train through illness - rest when your body needs it.

Running buddies - Di and Jayne

Week 2: Pair up for productivity!

So by sharing my goal with others I quickly gained a running buddy :) Finally feeling on the mend we headed out to Regents Park at lunchtime. Having a partner made an an such a big difference - challenging my pace and enjoying a good natter throughout, I almost forgot I was running. Love working out in the company of others - whether running or yoga (and we saw the camels in the zoo! Bonus.)

Week 3: Nature over treadmills

I always used to be apprehensive about running in public (and even at the gym) - but since my local gym closed its given me a push to go outside. I feel way more inspired running outside - the changing scenery keeps me interested more than watching someone's sweaty back - or even worse a mirror (argh!). It was proper rainy today - I was absolutely drenched - but found a bit of solidarity with what seemed like millions of keen bean runners out there with me.

Week 4: No dramas, no diverting. Plus porridge wins.

Sunday morning and the huge pond near me has has frozen over. At least it was dry this week...

My mantra for today's run was just to succumb to the process of putting one foot in front of the other. No drama, no diverting. Just put the miles in and then home for a bowl of hot porridge.

Next on my list to try is "mindful running" - will keep you posted on that one.

If you have your own new year resolution stories, I'd love to hear them.

Love and muddy trainers, Jayne x

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