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Let's be more tree! No filters needed.

Majestic tree (Epping Forest)

I spotted this majestic looking tree out on a cold wet run a few weeks back. As I posted it on Instagram there was no need to apply a filter to make it brighter or more beautiful. Despite the dreary conditions, I thought it was perfect just as it was - unfiltered. It made me think about how we apply filters to our own lives... and what our friends, the trees, can teach us.

Taking off the filters Yes self improvement is awesome - I love learning and taking care of myself, but it's so important to remember that we are already enough right now. We already have everything we need to fulfil our true potential, if we just have the confidence to reach for what we want.

We don't always need a 'brighter filter', 'sharpening up', or 'retouching' before taking those steps to achieve our goals.

Time is too short to wait until we are 'better' in some way, until we are older, or have more resources. Let go of the negative self talk, take action, and jump in the deep end!

Stay strong through the storms... Accepting that we might loose a few leaves along the way at the time but we'll be even brighter and stronger when the sun comes out like the trees come spring.

Be firm in your roots. As the yoga saying goes, "You have to root, so you can rise". As you know I relish in having grounding days, sorting out my foundations, to help bring fresh energy and feel lighter and brighter. Check out my previous blog for more on this (Hoarder No More, How to de-clutter your space and mind at the same time).

So this week, I'd love to invite you to grow tall, reach for the stars, and let's try being more tree!

As always I'd love to know what you think - do get in touch - I'd really like to hear from you (and if you need any help in being a bit more tree - reach out a branch to me! :)

Jayne x

Published March 2017

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