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Rooting down to rise up - a practical take on the Root chakra

Do you feel like you bounce from project to project? Find it difficult to stay focused? Or feel unsettled or disconnected?

It could be time to do some "grounding"!

When our basic human needs of food, water, shelter and finances are met, it helps us feel secure and safe. With our home lives in order, we can feel more prepared to cope with whatever life throws at us.

Recently I've started a new series of classes based on the seven chakras (an ancient philosophy of wheels of energy within the subtle body). Now whether too hippy dippy or totally your cup of tea, I promise there are some totally pragmatic words of wisdom to be had!

Our root chakra ("Muladhara"), is said to be located at the base of the spine (our sacrum or "sacred" bone) is related to our sense of foundation and security.

Yoga poses can help you feel more grounded.

Physically you can feel more grounded by practicing yoga poses (or asanas) closer to the earth - such as seated poses and those release tension in the lower spine. These include:

- gentle laying twists

- seated forward fold

- knee/s to chest

- hip openers like cobbler pose or pigeon.

But in a more pragmatic sense outside of the yoga studio...what can you do to feel more settled?

Anyone who has visited either my desk or my flat, will know I have to constantly revisit this chakra - as mess is my middle name!

A tidy home = a tidy mind they say, so with that in mind....It could be making sure your fridge is well stocked from an online grocery order, sorting out your bills, or a good declutter of old paper work or magazines. A digital de-clutter is also great to freeing up space (both in your storage and your mind!) - delete those unused apps, file your photos, etc. Walking barefoot at home can also help us feel more connected to our environment.

So first on my list is defrosting my freezer which looks like it's been going since the ice age... and getting it ready to pop some lollies in!

As always I'm keen to know what you think! Do get in touch at any time at or post your comments below.

#rootchakra #grounding

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