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5 yoga poses to increase motivation

Do you feel a bit lacking in direction and focus at the moment? Or have lots of ideas but no idea how to actually materialise them?

Here are some pragmatic tips for both on and off the yoga mat, associated with the Solar Plexus ("Manipura") chakra.

About the Solar Plexus chakra

This 3rd chakra, represents our ability to:

- be confident and express self worth

- make decisions

- have momentum in moving forward with our goals

- take ownership and responsibility of our own path in life

In short, the ability to make our plans and ideas into reality and just get things done!

But sometimes easier said than done right?

Feeling lost? Perhaps it's time reset your goals? For some inspiration, check out my previous post on Goal Setting and How to stay motivated

On the mat...

5 yoga poses to fire up your solar plexus (and help digestion along the way)

The Solar Plexus is said to be located in our stomach area, and connected with our digestive system - the centre of turning fuel into energy. Try these 5 poses to help fuel your inner fire ready for taking action!

1. Standing forward fold (Uttanasana)

2. High lunge twist with prayer hands (Anjali Mudra)

3. Chair pose (Utkatasana) - twisted on both sides

4. Triangle (Trikonasana) and revolve triangle

5. Boat (Navasana)

Off the mat...

Something I've been working on in recent years is to focus on what OUTCOME I want to achieve - and then work out the steps backwards on how I'm going to do it.

Sharing my desired outcomes with others definitely helps me personally keep accountable (see Intention setting 2017)

So a question for you this week... (and if you'd like to share them with me or the group and keep accountable - go for it!)

...What's the one action you can commit to doing right now to help you move forward?

I'd love to hear. Feel free to get in touch if any of this resonates at

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