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3 surprising goal lessons I learnt from...clay pigeon shooting (!)

(obligatory selfie shot with my mum)

#1 "Keep your eye on the target, NOT the gun".

Like most racket sports, you don't look at the bat when you're about to hit the ball. You look TOWARDS what you're hitting. Sometimes we can get so engrossed the in day to day, we can forget what we're actually aiming for!

Can you take a moment to step back this week and define your target?

#2. The more shots you have, the more chance you have of hitting your aim.

Your chances of success (whether it's getting that job/conquering a new yoga pose/getting a sale etc) directly correlate to how many times we try. Don't give up at the first go!

#3. "Trust yourself - don't over think it " said the instructor

Every time I started to overthink it, I missed. Our bodies know instinctively what we need and how to react. You don't think about hand to eye coordination - it just happens.

Trust your body to let you know exactly what it needs and don't be afraid to follow intuition (I think he was secretly channeling the #third eye chakra - which is all about intuition!)

If anyone wants to talk over what goals they are shooting for, get in touch at

Love & (clay) pigeon poses

Jayne x

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