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Reflections: my biggest lessons from 2017


2017 for me has been a year of successes and meeting my goals, but equally some big 'ol challenges, and what feels like everything in between, but at least it hasn’t been boring! ( - not-so-secretly praying for a quiet 2018...).

So I’m doing my end of year “stock-take” and would love to share my biggest lessons with you all.

1. Resilience is like a muscle

Keep doing the reps on it, and in time you’ll get stronger and stronger. I’ve found untapped stores of tenacity this year - just when I thought the tank was empty, I found new reserves! It often showed up in the form of friends old and new, and my awesome yoga tribe who keep me energised and inspired.

When the going gets tough, remember to nurture yourself with the things you love and surround yourself with positive energy (whether that’s people, pets, a fluffy blanket and a cup of (wine) tea, or anything else that floats your boat)

2. Find your tribe - seek out the rainbows!

Life is way too short to spend your energy (emotionally or physically) doing things or with people that don’t add to your life in a positive way. I’m not saying it can be all rainbows and butterflies 24/7 - but choosing whenever possible to spend your time with people and things that connect with your soul and make you happy as much as you can (for more on this theme, check out the book “The Life Changing Magic of Not Giving a f*ck by Sarah Knight)

3. Goals can come true (but especially when you share them!)

Last year was the first time I shared my intentions for the year publicly, not squirreled away in my diary like usual. By putting myself right out there, I became uber accountable and I realised them more quickly than I could have possibly imagined. What are your goals for 2018? My 2018 ones will be posted shortly… Feel free to share yours - you never know who might connect with you along the way to help you get there.

4. You do you.

Authenticity has been biggie for me, especially in the later part of this year. This is a hard one to articulate, but through yoga, coaching, and self reflection, this month especially I’ve had a strong sense of what in yoga we call our “true north”. With the new year approaching, journaling on what’s really important to you and how you can weave that into everyday can be the key for living a more fulfilled life.

What are your values? And are you spending your time doing things that align with them? If not, it could be time for some re-evaluation (but don’t worry - 2018 goals are right around the corner :-)

And finally….

….Reflecting at the end of the year can be an awesome tool before setting your 2018 goals, and a powerful learning journey of self discovery. If you have time in the final days of the year, could you reflect on

1) what went well this year?

2) even better if....? (what would you do differently)

3) and what did you learn?

Looking forward to sharing even more adventures with you all in 2018 - may it bring much abundance!


Jayne x

#reflection #2017lessons

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