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Dear 2018…. My intentions for the new year

“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.”

- Chinese Proverb

With the new year upon us, I love that feeling of a brand new page for us to write. Time to let go of anything that's not serving us, and bring on the new.

By planting the seeds of intention and sharing them, we’re more likely to manifest what we want to achieve in our lives - whatever that may be!

So here goes my planting for the new year:

1. Develop a home yoga practice; I love the energy and vibe of being in a group class and surroundings of a yoga studio, but know that a blend of a home practice can be really enhancing. For starters, having the time to explore and play with the poses that I want to build on, and getting more in tune with my what my body needs. But even better... I can wear my comfiest leggings that are long past public appearances...

(If anyone wants some tips on getting started on creating your own home practice, just let me know, I'd be happy to help).

2. Start the day grounded by committing to daily meditation - whether 1 minute or much more.

I've dabbled quite a bit in the past and love the Insights Timer app when in need of a bit of direction (there is even a 1 minute meditation on there!). So this year I'm aiming to dedicate the first moments of the day to cultivating my focus for the day and starting it with a clear head.

3. Complete my coaching course by the end of the year (3 months ahead of schedule) - and enjoy the journey along the way. Last year my goal was to start it - this year it’s to finish it!

4. Go local (ok so this one is more of a treat than a challenge!). From food to fitness - aiming to support local businesses and save time by keeping it all within the leafy loveliness of Wanstead.

5. Remember to enjoy the journey as much as striving for my goals. Learning is all part of the fun rather than reaching the final destination!

Like all seeds they will need a little nurturing - some attention, nourishing, and giving them time and space to grow. What seeds are you planting this year?


Jayne x

#goals #intentionsetting #homeyoga

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