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Creating healthy choices through the practice of yoga

With National Obesity Week on the agenda this week as well as “New Year - New You” resolutions everywhere in sight, how does yoga fit into the annual obsession with dropping the Christmas pounds in January?

Firstly, before we begin, if you’re looking to lose weight this January, consider what your broader intention. Is the bigger picture to be in better health, to be able to enjoy more activities with loved ones, or to reach a personal goal or charity challenge?

Don’t let the scales define your happiness or your day - and remember, your wellness goals will be easier to achieve if you connect to a greater motivation!

And so, to the yoga, with its wealth of healthy benefits for the mind and body.

The 3 S’s: Self-awareness, silence and self acceptance

At the core of yoga is self-awareness. Self-awareness allows us to tune into our bodies and minds with more clarity. The more self-aware we are, the more we’re able to hear what our bodies need. This increased “hearing and listening” gives us the platform to help us to make positive choices - from nutrition and nourishment, activity or relaxation.

In yoga, self-acceptance - being accepting of how things are for you today - and letting go of negativity that isn’t serving us, is fundamental. We learn to enjoy the present moment (even in some of those trickier poses!) and the physical practice (the “asanas”) bring us into the present moment like no other!

Silence: It’s not often we get the chance to have the time and space to simply be. Taking time out gives us more perspective on what matters and the chance to reevaluate - again giving our minds the space to make conscious choices, rather than go with the reactive.

And it’s a given that yoga strengthens and lengthens our muscles, improves mobility and the efficiency of our circulation amongst many more physical benefits.

What are you waiting for? Give yoga a try! Want some tips on where to start? Message me at

Wishing you a happy healthy 2018.


Jayne x

#obesityweek #selfawareness #selfacceptance

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