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Elephant power! Remove obstacles in your path with the Ganesha Mudra

What is a mudra?

Firstly, you may be thinking what on earth is a mudra?

Mudra's are hand gestures (ahem - clean ones!) that seal a specific intention into your practice (the word literally translates as "seal").

They can be described as body language you are sending yourself!

In yoga they are used in conjunction with the breathing exercises (pranayama).

These ancient symbolic gestures are said to stimulate and channel our energy and thoughts.

There are tons of different mudras, and it is said that meditating on specific ones will help you manifest certain energies and intention into your life.

Most mudras are performed with the hands and fingers often in combination with movements of the wrists, elbows, and shoulders. Some are stationary, and others more active - like the one we're about to explore.

The Ganesha Mudra

The Ganesha Mudra is one of my new faves!

This mudra takes inspiration from the Hindu God - Ganesha - who is thought to be the protector of people and the remover all obstacles from your pathway. He is depicted in art as the elephant!

When to use it

This mudra is ideal to use when you have a big challenge to face. It could be before a difficult meeting, conversation, or any situation when you need to channel some inner strength.

It aims to build confidence and courage when dealing with difficult situations or problems, while fostering respect for others. It also helps to stretch the shoulders and chest

How to practice it - a step by step guide

1. Bring palms together in prayer (Anjali mudra)

2. Swivel your palms so the your right palm faces your heart and your left palm faces away from you

3. Hook the fingers

4. Bring your arms up to chest height

5. Visualise something you want to overcome in your life right now

6. As you inhale try to pull the arms apart while keeping the fingers locked (creating the obstacle). Imagine you're breaking through that issue as you feel strength across the chest (keep the neck relaxed)

8. As you exhale, soften the arms

9. Repeat x 3 - 5 times

Ganesha mudra affirmation

You might also want to repeat this affirmation during the practice either out loud or just to yourself in your own head.

"I meet other people with courage, openness and confidence."

I'd love to hear how you find this one! Feel free to get in touch with me at


Jayne x


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