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From desk to yoga... my journey

When I began my yoga teacher training in 2012, I was blessed that my colleagues at the Royal College of Nursing Publishing Co. (now RCNi) were willing Guinea pigs. I transformed the board room into a make-shift studio and we even had classes on Harrow Hill (though were plagued by local wildlife and white vans beeping!). It was the start of my 'Corporate yoga' journey.

I became Resident yoga instructor at BMJ after a one-off for Mental Health Awareness Week became a regular class for the next 5 years, and then started to hot-foot it down to HostelWorld in Chancery Lane after work to teach their vibrant team. I absolutely loved those regular classes.

In-between, I ran a twice-daily sessions for Leadership consultancy, Spencer Stewart at the Grosvenor House Hotel during their Strategy Week, meditation at the Intercontinental Hotel, O2, for Procurement Leaders, and team building workshops for design agencies, Ready and Harper Dennis Hobbs.

I love how yoga can transcend environments and bring colleagues together (especially those from different departments, who wouldn't normally cross paths). While at times I've hired spaces, I've rarely taught at actual yoga studios until the past 12 months. In some ways, it feels strange not moving all the furniture, kicking people out of meetings (politely) to get into the space, and dealing with all sorts of interruptions (some of the feral variety that I would prefer to forget!).

Since Covid-19, I've enjoyed running online Desk-Yoga for brand agency, Nalla, and I'm really looking to in-person breath-work sessions for young people at Headstart at Brands2Life.

If you're interested in yoga for your colleagues, find out more at here or get in touch at

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