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A recent theme in class has been "Play". It kind of chose me rather than me choosing it though - around about the time we started making impromptu seal noises in seal pose and Boomerang came out :o)

The focus has been on enjoying the experience of the practice with each other, rather than seeking to attain that perfect pose.

Falling out of balances - yep. Animal noises - double yep. And playing with Boomerang - triple yep (this is the awesome type of thing that happens when you have social media gurus in class) = a full house of fun!

But in all "seriousness" - what are the benefits of play?. Play brings joy. It’s absolutely essential for good relationships, problem-solving and cultivating creativity. And what's more it can be an important source of relaxation and stimulation, as well as fueling our emotional well-being. The key for really experiencing play to the max is to focus on the actual experience, not on accomplishing any goal (!). There doesn’t need to be any point at all to the actual activity beyond having some fun.

This week...can you bring more play into your life? Can you find a little time for play in your life this week? Whether in your yoga practice -such as experiencing with a new balance and remembering to laugh if you face plant it? Or in other areas of your life? It might be with your pet, partner, children or enjoying some me-time (personally I'm a big fan of having a little boogie to some cheesy tunes in my flat to lift my spirits...). Wishing you happy and fun-filled times! Namaste Jayne x

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