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Practicing Kindness - to you!

Heart Hands

Got a serious case of FOMO? Then this one is for you ;-)

Today I'm taking a moment to reflex on practicing what I preach ;-)

After a few months of overdoing things I've picked up a bug and lost my voice (#violinsplease :)

So I'm smashing the honey and lemon, and using the sickness as a good reminder to myself about practicing kindness, not only to others, but also to YOURSELF! Knowing that taking time out to nurture yourself when you need it will make your moments with your friends and loved ones even better.

A few weeks back in class we covered the Heart Chakra, which represents:

- practicing compassion (to yourself and as well as others)

- ability to love (both give and accept love) with equal ease

- having a sense of "we" rather than "i"

Off the mat...

For me this one is all about finding SPACE; physically (through yoga), emotionally (letting go of things that are not serving me), and literally (time wise!) - to be open to love, happiness and all the opportunities that come our way.

Here's what I've been learning the past year or so:

1. Make decisions out of LOVE not FEAR. Just as one small example, do you spend time in the gym or the yoga studio because you love the feeling and the body it gives you? Or because you fear getting out of shape? Picking an activity you love doing, rather than one you think you should, will be way easier to stick to. Trouble making a decision? List all the positives that will come out of making a decision, rather dwelling on the reasons why not!

2. Feel abundance and have a glass half full perspective. I love journaling my "Wins" of the week in my 5 minute journal, in my coaching group, and with my team. "Wins of the week" is still going strong and such a powerful motivating tool to help us focus on the positive.

3. Express gratitude. Write it, say it, or express by doing someone a favor or lending a helping hand.

4. Get perspective: Sometimes it's a case of the classic "can't see the woods for the trees". I frequently have to remind myself to take a step back. A walk in the woods, or even just away from my desk outside helps me collect my thoughts.

5. Know when to let go of FOMO! (Fear of Missing Out) Ok, Ok, so I'm recapping on this one today! Not pushing through illness but taking time out to rest is just one example of when we need to listen to our bodies.

On the mat...

It will be no surprise that the associated yoga poses (asanas) are "heart openers". Think about lifting and lengthening from the chest, drawing your shoulder blades back and together. They include:

- Bridge

- Seal

- Cobra

- Spinx

- Fish

- Wheel

Heart chakra stats

Colour: Green (new growth)

Element: Air

Location: centre of the chest - just above the heart

Sense: Touch

Have a lovely week ahead everyone. Want to read more on the topic? Check out this related blog:

- Being a good friend to yourself

With Love, Peace, Honey and Lemon.

Jayne x

P.S. Photo credit to my friend Anna's hands in this pic! Taken on a lovely day out in the Epping countryside a few years back.


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