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Spring cleaning for the mind and body

Spring finally felt sprung last week, and in the yoga calendar this time of year is connected with a sense of fresh energy, renewal and personal growth.

I used to go to a fantastic yoga teacher (Rad Kaim) who once shared this metaphor which stuck with me (though I'm sure he phrased it more eloquently!). He discussed how when you first have a new car, it's shiny and new. But over time, as you go on journeys, it gathers more and more dirt. Taking a class is like going to the car wash. While it doesn't mean you won't pick up more debris on future journeys - as life will always throw its challenges, but at least cleaning the windscreen means you can see more clearly - a spring clean for the soul, if you like.

In practical terms, if you have a chance to get to the mat this week, my tip is to focus on the exhale - releasing anything that is no longer serving you, and with each new breath, envision what you would like to grow in your life this spring. Poses-wise, try tree pose (Vrksasana), pictured, pressing your sole down into the earth like the roots of a tree, take your hands to your heart as your connect with your intentions, before shooting them like branches towards the sky.

“Our bodies are our gardens to which our wills are gardeners.” William Shakespeare

If this resonates and you would like to get in touch, message me at


Jayne x

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