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The power of expression - let's talk it out!

Ever get that feeling when you want to say something but have a lump in your throat, unable to get it out? What we say is so closely linked with our emotions - that our words can literally feel bottle-necked.

The throat "chakra" (energy centre) is our centre of communication. It represents both verbal and non-verbal expression, deep listening (it's actually not all about talking!), and speaking with honesty - but always from a place of kindness :)

Pragmatically, what can you do to help unlock your feelings?

1. Talk it out - with friends, family, your pet, or significant other!

2. Sing! In the shower, car or public (shower or car only for me!). If your yoga class includes some chanting - give an "OM" a go

3. Express gratitude vocally - tell someone how much they mean to you. Pay a genuine compliment. Or let someone know what a great job they have done.

4. Write it down - journaling your emotions can be incredibly releasing. Write in the flow - just keep going - without censoring yourself in any way

What we say and what we do...

What language do you use for your inner voice? When we use negative self talk, it can influence how we feel, act, and therefore what outcome we get. It becomes a self fulfilling prophesy! Instead try switching to positive affirmations in the present tense ("I AM... enough. "I HAVE...all the resources I need to make this happen" "I AM... a positive and happy person). I'm going with "I AM going to be on time today..."

On the mat - free your inner voice with these poses

- Camel (Ustrasana)

- Bridge (Setu Bandha Sarvangasana)

- Fish (Matsyasana)

- Plough pose (Halasana)

And finally, the throat chakra's vital statistics

Element: Sound

Colour: Blue

Location: Neck / throat / shoulders

If this post resonates with you, or you have any questions, I'd love to hear! Tell me at or comment below.


Jayne x

#chakras #throatchakra #communication

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