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What has kickboxing got to do with Yoga with Jayne?

How did you arrive at yoga? For me, it was through my kickboxing club (KB Kickboxing), where I had been going since my early 20's. Encouraged by my Emap colleagues (now lifelong friends), Cat and Jane, I had worked my way through a few belts when yoga was put on th

e menu as a pre-workout stretch. One Saturday morning, slightly worse for wear from a few drinks the night before, I decided to skip kickboxing and try yoga as the "easy" option. I was in for a shock. Downward Dog felt like torture. Simple moves seemed so hard. The sweat was real! But that first Shavasana… boy that was bliss! It was the first time I could remember in a very long while when I felt totally at peace. I was hooked.

After 3 years of practicing, I took my 200 hour teaching training with Mercedes Ngoh at YeoTown Retreat in Devon. Again, naivety had struck, and by the end of just the first two weeks both my mind and body had been turned upside down (very literally in some cases!). However, a year later, and my passion for yoga had grown further, and teaching felt like the natural thing to do (even if I did find the first classes very nerve racking!). So on Christmas Eve 2012, Yo Jayne Ltd was born. While now trading under Yoga with Jayne, the official name with Companies House still stands. And while I've thought of changing it, nostalgia creeps in and it makes me smile remembering how kickboxing, my obsession with the Rocky films, and a brainstorm with my RCNi colleagues at the time inspired it. So on 24th December this year, Yoga with Jayne will be 10 years old!

What was your journey to yoga? Let me know by saying hi (or ‘Yo!’) at

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