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Yoga props – supporting us in class, and in life!

It’s been a while since I’ve taught using yoga props; straps, blocks, bolsters and the like, but this week, I reintroduced them to my Wednesday and Sunday students.

Sometimes there is a hesitancy, as both student and teacher, to use props. Perhaps through feeling like we need to do it all ourselves, that we don’t want to ask for the help, maybe we don’t want to cause a fuss, or be the only one using a prop in class.

However, I realized that pretty much all these reasons apply to what might stop us from giving ourselves the support we need in other areas of our lives.

Yet, there, just within reach, are these simple items that can transform a challenging pose (or life moment) into a space of ease, help us gain connection (physically, such as resting our forehead on bolster rather than leaving the head dangling, as well as metaphorically), or find an adaption that suits our individual needs.

Homemade props

If you’re practicing at home without the resources of a yoga studio, get creative. Books double as yoga blocks, scarves for straps, pillows or cushions – stack them high and use as bolsters.

So during the coming week, I invite you to ask for a prop, or a helping hand – both on and off the yoga mat, and give yourself permission to receive support.

If you have any questions about how to use props in your practice, get in touch at – I’d love to hear from you.


Jayne x

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