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Frequently Asked Questions

What experience do I need?

No experience is necessary and complete beginners are very welcome.


Please do try to arrive a few minutes early before a group class to let me know at the beginning of class if you are completely new to yoga.


When booking a private class, you will be contacted for a free consultation to ensure that the lesson is structured around your individual requirements, goals, and to discuss any physical injuries or medical conditions ahead of your practice.


What should I wear?

Anything you can move and breath comfortably in. An additional layer such as a light jumper or extra t-shirt for the relaxation period (Shivasana) at the end of the class can be useful. Yoga is practiced in bare feet. 


Do I need any equipment?

Group classes / workshops / corporate classes: Yoga mats and equipment are provided.


One to one & small group private classes: For private classes taught in your own home, you will need to provide enough floor space for the relevant number of mats. The yoga mats will be provided.


Can I eat before a class?

It is advised that you do not eat at least 2 hours before a class and ideally 3/4 hours if eating a large meal. It is advised that you only sip water during class if necessary, and ensure you fully hydrate after.


Can I practise if I am pregnant?

It is recommended that you abstain from practising yoga during the first trimester, and from the second trimester onwards, it is advisable to attend a yoga class which specifically caters for pregnancy.


How is payment for classes taken?

Group and private classes: Please book and pay online before the class.

Corporate classes: Invoicing available. Please make an enquiry for further information.

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